Manage your clients in a modern way

Client Portfolio provides option to save your database of Customers in electronic format. You can group them in personalized lists, which makes it easy to manage information about important partners. To start your client monitoring, you have to create own lists which you can share with other users from your organization. Access to Client lists is provided anywhere and anytime where is internet access.


Monitoring makes it easy to follow up to the latest information about complies for registration details, insolvency, suspension of business activities, dealing with excise goods, receivables overdue payments and other types of events.

At the moment Lursoft Ltd offers over than 120 different types of monitoring, which every day helps you to follow up to the most important changes. Monitoring always allows you to be informed about the changes in customer and partner data and if it is necessary allows you to make a quick decision.


Client portfolio provides several options, which perfectly helps you in daily work. One of them – Planner – convenient online calendar, which can be used for both business and personal needs. Planner helps you to organized a business day, entering new events and adding reminders, which helps you not to forget meetings, calls, celebration or other important activities. The opportunities will facilitate daily work, allowing using your resource more efficient.

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