About the Client Portfolio

What is the Client Portfolio?

The Client Portfolio is a unique work environment that helps its users to manage their client databases. The Client Portfolio allows its users to save their client databases in an electronic format and group the clients in various lists, according to the actions that need to be completed. The Client Portfolio offers many other features, such as the ability to track lists, view client records, make notes etc. The Portfolio is integrated with the databases of the Company Registry, giving you the ability to update your lists with new companies online using the official company database, and be sure about the quality of the data you have added.

How to make a new list and service?

To make a new list (e.g. ‘My creditors’), you need to login into the system and press on the ‘New list’ button on its right side. Fill in the required fields (there are tips on filling in at each field), if necessary, add a description for the list and press ‘Save’. The list you will have created will appear on the home page. When you add a new list, you can add a tracking service to it, depending on the contracts that you have signed. In order to add a tracking service to the list, open the list and press the ‘Add a service’ button at the top right. Fill in the required fields and specify the tracking events you are interested in. After you press the ‘Save’ button, the tracking service will activate and you will receive notifications on the events you are interested in.

How to add companies to the Client Portfolio?

You can add companies to lists in two ways: (1) by adding companies one by one or (2) by adding a number of companies at once from an XLS file.

To add one company, click on the name of the list you wish to add a new company to on the home page. Enter the name or the registration number of the company in the search window of the ‘Search/add a new object’ section, check the ‘search in the company registry’ box and press ‘Search’. The system will find the respective entries in the database of the company registry. Mark the object you need in the search results and press ‘Add’.

To add a list of companies, you need an XLS table with the registration numbers (9 and 11 digit) of these companies entered in its first column. In the list, to which you wish to add new companies, press the ‘Browse’ button on the lower side of the page and choose the necessary file. When this is done, press the ‘Add’ button. It will take several seconds to minutes for the companies to be added to the list of your choice.


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