Terms of use

Every user of this system must comply with the following terms:

  1. The user must use the data analysis obtained from the Contractor for legal purposes only. The Customer can use the data analysis for business purposes if this use is agreed upon in writing with the Contractor.
  2. The User must not give their login information (User ID and Password) to third parties. The login information may only be used by the individual that owns it.
  3. The User is not allowed to carry out actions that may jeopardise the System. If a violation is detected, the Contractor reserves the right to discontinue unilaterally the service delivery without advance warning or explanation.
  4. The user is not allowed to illegally copy the System or any of its parts (the actions within the system are deemed illegal if they do not use the allowed commands (commands visible on the screen), or if they are completed automatically, without the presence of any individuals within the process of any data analysis requests (this includes the use of any software, including bots), regardless of the purpose of these actions).
  5. Should the User lose all or some of their login information (User ID or Password), they must inform the Customer Service Department of the Contractor about this immediately by sending a message via e-mail: [email protected]. The current login information will be deleted and new login information will be provided.
  6. All the content published and distributed by the Contractor is protected by copyrights. Using the content received from the Contractor, the Customer undertakes to follow the terms of the Personal Data Protection Law, the Copyright law and other regulatory acts.
  7. Quotes and references to the data analysis content obtained from the System must include its source: as ‘www.lursoft.lv’ or ‘Lursoft Internet database’.
  8. All the content published and placed in this System (including its publically available pages) is protected by the law of the Republic of Latvia and international law. Any copy, modification, storage, archiving and full/partial publishing of the content without written consent is forbidden. The terms of this section are binding to every user, regardless of whether the user is registered as a System user, or not.

Non-compliance with these terms and/or the obtainment of system user rights by employing the passwords of third parties or in the name of third parties, without coordinating this with the Contractor, are deemed to be a deliberate violation of the System integrity, which is considered a criminal offence by the law of the Republic of Latvia. These actions contravene the EU legislation on personal data protection.