The system planner is a convenient online calendar that you can use both for your business and personal needs.

The calendar will help you in planning your time by scheduling events and adding reminders that will not let you forget about your planned meetings, calls, birthdays and other important events.

You can receive reminders about the forthcoming events on your email one week, one hour or just a few minutes before the event you have scheduled. The events can be conveniently rescheduled, if it is necessary. After the events are scheduled, they can be easily ordered according to their type and viewed per month, week or day.

Using the calendar within an organisation allows for collaborative work planning. People who need to see their colleagues’ calendars can share calendars. Company managers can use the calendar to distribute work among employees and control the completion of tasks.

As the calendar is integrated with the client list functions of the system and the Latvia address database, it provides great help in using various company sale commands.

In combination with the calendar features, the quick to create, easy to update, high-quality client lists will help you to organise your daily work and use your resources efficiently.


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